Jocelyn’s mission is to redefine our understanding of the relationship between humans and animals. Through her work as an energetic counselor informed by her powerful gift of sensing spiritual presence, it has become clear that our animal companions are with us for a reason. They share our emotions, personality traits, even common experiences of the past. Jocelyn seeks to prove that in reflecting on the human / animal bond, we have an opportunity to heal ourselves and our living counterparts. This deeper level of empathy in turn gives us the power to focus on animal rescue efforts, promoting awareness of the universal energy between all living things.


Take a fascinating and entertaining journey with Jocelyn Kessler, energy interpreter and animal communicator: watch as she travels to sanctuaries around the world to treat various species of animals, helping them to find energetic balance and connection to the human beings who take care of them and to the land in which they live.


About Jocelyn.

From an early age, Jocelyn became aware of a universal energy that flows between all living things. She sensed an emotional spectrum on par with humans in the dogs and horses she grew up with as an only child in Port Washington, New York. There was a channel of communication between animals and humans that was waiting to be unlocked. At a young age, she discovered that her gift of deciphering this energy was also the key to understanding who we are as human beings and the deep commonalities we share with our animal counterparts.

Now living in Los Angeles, Jocelyn works as an energetic counselor, strengthening the connection of individuals to their animal companions all over the country. Her book, The Secret Language of Dogs: Stories From a Dog Psychic, offers enlightenment on how to improve the flow of communication between you and your pet.

The Secret Language of Dogs:
Stories From a Dog Psychic

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Dog trainer, healer, and counselor, Jocelyn Kessler, opens our minds to our animal companion’s constant communication with us. In The Secret Language of Dogs, Kessler explains the importance of learning to listen to your pet, achieving a greater understanding of its behavior and energy. Based on her years of experience with animals and their human companions in Southern California, Kessler explains how to untangle that untapped flow of communication and uncover extraordinary revelations for both parties. Her stories show how we often inflict our own emotional issues onto our pets, and how negative energy can result in both behavioral and physical difficulties.


  • “Jocelyn Kessler is a dog trainer and intuitive. In this book she shares several sessions in which she helps not only the dog, but the owners as well. Anyone who has a dog knows the deep bond that can grow between human and animal, and while Kessler highlights how often times that connection is good, she also shares incidents where it’s not so good.

    In one chapter, “Balancing Alpha Energy,” she shares the story of two large dogs named Billy and Lila. Billy completely dominated the female dog. The owners also had an imbalance in the household. The husband encouraged this behavior in Billy, while also exhibiting the same tendencies toward his wife. Dogs are frequently at the mercy of our own energies.

    Kessler works at the energetic level, akin to shamanic healing, while also trying to make the owners more aware of their own attitudes and behaviors, the way they “throw” their energy around. Dogs are highly tuned to this.

    This book is fascinating. Whether you agree with Kessler’s assessments (she often states how the dogs “know” why they’re with you, how in some cases they “chose” their owners), I dare anyone to come away from her insights and not look at your relationship with your pet in a different light. If anything, it illuminates the deep caring and intelligence dogs carry within, which is hardly a surprise to dog-

  • “The author was truly a dog whisperer from birth with a unique gift in communicating with animals. I was fascinated by the portrayal of dogs and their feelings. She has had many clients with many successful results. I enjoyed this book.”

  • “Thank you [Jocelyn] for your support. This past week we worked on Ozzie‘s hooves with the vet. He was the original vet who helped rescue Ozzie from his last location and saw him when we arrived there to extricate him from his dark stall he had lived in for 5 years. The vet was overjoyed to see Ozzie in such better condition both physically and mentally.

    The last time the vet saw Ozzie he was charging him and trying to bite him. This time he laid there and let the vet give him a shot to relax him so that we could work further on fixing his badly neglected feet for the second time. So far Ozzie’s feet have cost nearly $400 so all donations such as yours that come into the sanctuary are greatly appreciated.

    The vet also commented on how Ozzie’s skin has improved and his muscle tone. Of course we worked on Ozzie as he slept amongst his pile of lush comforters that people have donated.

    Just an update for you. Ozzie still gets his organic apple every day. The favorite part of his morning I’m sure and he probably sends out a thank you to you in pig thoughts!”



Jocelyn is now available for one-hour phone consultations. Go ahead and email her to schedule yours! She also loves to hear from rescue shelters and farm sanctuaries that are interested in working with her.

An important implication of Jocelyn’s work is to attain a deeper empathy for the creatures we share our world with. Watch Jocelyn’s tweets or check out her favorite organizations below for ideas on how to make a difference. Jocelyn’s ultimate goals include putting together her own nonprofit organization.

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