Jocelyn Kessler
Jocelyn Kessler
Raised by Nature, Guided by Technology

One Question.


Twenty Minutes.


All the Answers.


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Who is Jocelyn Kessler?

A totally different animal herself, Jocelyn Kessler's first forays into connection came from animals, specifically dogs. At a young age she discovered her love for energy - how it sounds and moves between species. 

Not only could Jocelyn hear and interpret this primal source of communication, she knew there was potential for others to do the exact same thing, and use this very knowledge to simplify their minds, communication and all the stress life throws our way. What we choose to do with this potential radiates into all aspects of our increasingly connected lives, from our thoughts to our relationships to the very path we walk.

Jocelyn's approach encompasses not only one-on-one sessions dedicated to the big questions, but also a holistic approach to remaining present and connected at all times. Follow her Instagram for regular videos about the energetic issues we face in everyday life, and their simple, intuitive solutions. Always a teacher as well as a student, her blog delves into more personal situations and the lessons learned along the way. 


Jocelyn has the keen ability to hear, feel and understand the fundamental energy that connects us all. Using a traditional shamanic foundation, re-tooled for the fast paced world we live in today, she is able to identify what blocks or hinders one from returning to their optimal flow and healing balance.
— Itzhak Beery, Author of The Gift of Shamanism and Shamanic Transformations

How Does the Session Work?


When you are blocked and struggling to find a solution, sometimes one question provides all the answers. You are the source of that question and you can do so much more than you know. Using my ability to see the truth you have lost and lead you to the truth you are looking for, I will harness the power of simple, clean, primal energy to simplify your life, your mind, and your relationships.

Whether breaking patterns, repairing trauma, taking your dog/human relationship to the next level, or simply figuring out if you should leave your job or make a huge life change, one question and twenty minutes is all it takes. There's no need for long, drawn out discussions about unnecessary emotional information. Let's work together to shine a light on your fundamental intuition so you can return to a state of expansion and get on your way! 

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What is My Dog Saying?


Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Dog trainer, healer, and counselor, Jocelyn Kessler, asserts that while your dog does not speak English, he or she is communicating with you all of the time.

Based on her years of experience with dogs and their owners, Kessler explains how energy flows between pets and their owners and what the implications of that energy flow are for both parties. Her stories show how we often inflict our own emotional issues onto our pets, and how negative energy can result in both behavior and physical difficulties.

Jocelyn is an expert at understanding animals and connecting with them in a meaningful way, and this book is a heart-warming must-read for anyone who wants to know more about their dog.
— Laurence Mark, Producer