“The dragon of lore is a creature that controls the climate, of Nature or our life. When the Komodo dragon appears, it is the same fiery dragon energy that is being awakened in us. If we want to change the climate of our life, now is the time. The creative energies are strong, the impulse is there, and now is the time to act upon it.”


Photo Credit: National Geographic

Photo Credit: National Geographic

I have never been one to keep a lid on how I use animal totems or animal energy within my practice, my work and most importantly my life. Animals guide me through various messages in the physical, spiritual, metaphysical and in my everyday life. I find strength, wisdom and quite a bit of assistance when utilizing the great benefits of animal energy or Animal Totems.  In fact when I find, that my tools in life seem quite limited and I am struggling to find my place it is animal spirit, messages and or animals in general that seem to help me along.  When I am in meditation or doing any energetic practice, I can feel my Animal guides wash in like a warm tranquil wave of support. Always!


A couple days ago I went into a long energetic meditation as I was very much off balance and felt a fear in me that I could not identify. Something many of us are experiencing this very moment! As I have been speaking about the Komodo Dragon Animal Totem quite a bit lately, I realized I have yet to use this totem within my own process. A quiet afternoon changed my whole relationship to the ever-powerful Komodo Dragon! This was the day for me to enter the land of the DRAGON…


Late on a beautiful Saturday I decided to take a journey. Seated and comfortable, I closed my eyes. My breath got stronger, longer and more fluid as my guides entered the room on command.  Set my intention, harnessed my energy through my solar plexuses and watched a rich orange light encompass me.  The room became very warm and beads of sweat ran down my temples. It felt as if I was entering an unfamiliar land. Certainly a road I didn’t have a great amount of experience traveling down! The energy moved forcefully through me as it took hold. Without any notice everything turned red and I could hear a long slow murmur. I smiled. This could be interesting!!


“The Komodo Dragon represents life force and great potency. This is the time to step into your power. Become the power of the dragon. Lift yourself up out of the struggle, conquer your fears, and become the dragon slayer. Slaying the dragon can symbolize garnering your inner strength to achieve self-liberation. Dragons guard treasure. Is there some fear that stands between you and what you most desire? The Dragon can also represent financial success and reaping awards after powering through that fear!”


My head lightened as I felt a very large, very strong presence enter the room. Could barely hear my own breath and my balance felt in jeopardy. Nauseous, I asked for grounding. I could feel him so close, crowding my space and causing some of my biggest fears, fears I had released oh so long ago, to hit me like a punch to the gut. I struggled to catch my breath and tears started rolling down my face.


I knew I had just encountered the Komodo Dragoon in full spirit form, the first Reptile Totem to enter my sphere. The force was so strong it took me out of my living room and into a land so very mystical I could almost taste it. With eyes closed and breath heavy, my hand slowly reached out as if it was being led instinctually by a cool energy. I was scared to make contact, as I was being challenged to initiate a powerful intention that seemed so foreign, so strong. Extending, my hand out, it was as if a gravitational force took a hold of it and pulled me in! The dragon was humming in my right ear. Pure Magic!


My hand slowly glided down what felt like the back of a very strong figure. Even though it was in spirit, I could almost feel the cold blood that ran through. Then all the sudden the physical connected to the outer frequency.  


My dog Emma stepped into the journey both physically and spiritually. As my eyes remained closed I could feel Emma sitting close to my left knee, my feminine side, directly opposite the Dragon’s energy at my right, my masculine side. Emma’s shoulders went back and she channeled a warm energy through me. I immediately and almost effortlessly started to move this potent yellow energetic light as Emma instructed me to release to change; to a new life I was ALREADY in and didn’t even know it!


There certainly was no time for fear, not from Emma or from myself. We HAD to let go. Connecting to the Dragon’s powerful energy, we were instantly propelled into the strength and purpose of the Komodo Dragon!


Emma and I were safe, healthy, aware and free from obstruction. We were sitting in a clear energetic freedom neither of us had ever experienced. My tears stopped and my breath found refuge in Emma’s who was so very free, fresh, and raw. I sent a sincere thank you to one of my newest guides, the Komodo Dragon, as well as to all those that aided in this divine connection.  That includes the dark and the light energy!


As I slowly started to bring myself and Emma out of our Journey, I giggled and couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from the back of my neck. Hear is to abandoning all fear! Next time I step in the ring with the Dragon I will remember to listen, and to be aware, open and most importantly… Fearless☺