Balancing Alpha Energy

I often walk into situations where an alpha dog is ruling the other dogs and its human caretakers—essentially everyone in the household. On those occasions, I have just crossed into the “Alpha Bureaucracy.”


Taking that phrase apart according to Webster’s: Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and the chief star in a constellation.

Bureaucracy is excessive official routine run by administrators who apply the rules of their department without exercising much judgment. When it comes to the human-dog world, you now have your worst nightmare . . . a dominant aggressive controlling canine inmate running the asylum!

Billy And Lila

As I drove down the windy canyon road to my appointment with Billy and Lila, I kept feeling a tightness in my heart and a desperate need to open all four windows in the car and just take in the warm summer air. And with each breath, emotion would bubble up. Emotion that was very new to me yet somehow familiar at the same time. I knew it didn’t belong to me. It belonged to the household I was quickly approaching.

When I am en route to a new client, I try to stay calm, even, and open, not jumping to analyze anything that starts to come up. Clear, clear, clear—that is my personal motto before stepping into a new home environment. Yet no matter how much I moved aside any pre-conceived senses, the one thing I did know was that I was entering an environment in need of freedom and a chance for both human and dog to live without every breath being controlled and monitored. That was something I could not ignore.

I parked the car and walked slowly to the front door. I knocked a couple of times and waited patiently for Jasmine, the owner of Billy and Lila, to answer the door. Suddenly the door flew open and standing in front of me was Jasmine, dressed beautifully in a bright yellow, long silk caftan adorned with gold and turquoise necklaces. I definitely felt underdressed for this session!

After a hug and a sincere hello, we sauntered into the house. I looked down at my dirty jeans and torn t-shirt (with the coffee stain on the front that I didn’t notice until that moment) and started to feel not very put together, to say the least. That feeling was very out of sorts for me, yet understandable because within this home there was clearly a compulsory sense of order—a code, so to speak, to which everyone living under the roof complied, most particularly any female within the home, be they human or dog. I realized that the energy affecting me, even for just a moment, was that of insecurity and self-doubt, and it explained the tightness and confinement I felt en route.

I have met and worked with my fair share of individuals, each with their own distinct personality. I have come to find that I must be completely aware of any instantaneous feelings and emotions that come to me energetically when I walk into a new home, especially if the energetic awareness is disorderly and/or disruptive and influences me in any way. In this case, my uncustomary reaction of being conscious of my appearance as soon as I walked into Jasmine’s home greatly aided me going into this session.

Jasmine opened the door to the laundry room and Billy and Lila, two rather large mix-breed dogs, came barreling out. The male had some Great Dane in him as did the female, which explained their girth and height. As they both ran toward me, Lila was looking to say hello first. However, before I knew it, Billy (who is larger than Lila) quietly sidled up to her and forcefully pushed her aside. He leaned into Lila and energetically whispered what I sensed to be a reminder to Lila of her hierarchical placement in the household order. Lila instantly slowed down, backed up, and let

Billy pushed right into me to say hello as Lila waited to be second in line. The look in Lila’s eyes was distraught and full of anxiety. She demonstrated a closeted confusion that she had grown to accept. Clearly, Billy was the alpha, but he con- ducted his daily business with an underhanded energy. This was not the raw, organic, and natural energy typical of a healthy alpha. Billy was working with too much power. That power, although his to take as part of the alpha role, was, because of its excess, a foreign energetic substance attached to him that altered how alpha energy is normally distributed and expressed.

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As Billy took his stance, Jasmine giggled and said,

“He always does this. Lila knows he controls the house. I wish we could tone that down a bit because my husband encourages it. He got Billy before I came into the picture with Lila. It was pretty much this way or the highway.”

I smiled and said,

“Let’s see what we can do. I would love to just observe Billy and Lila a bit before we really sit down and start seeing what the direct line of energy is."

Billy and Lila pounced in and out of the house. Yet every time they ran in or out, to the water bowl, to get a treat, or even to lie down, Billy was first in line.

Interestingly enough, when I started to lock into the dog's energy, I could see how Billy manipulated his alpha energy toward Lila. There was a silent yet stringent dictate he thrust upon her every moment, and Lila looked to unleash a little bit of freedom or perhaps lead her own direction. This excessive alpha energy shepherded Lila into an unhealthy family, home, and pack existence.

This is not to say that Billy, in any other household, wouldn’t still command his natural innate alpha role. But, in this household, he has been given and has employed an additional wealth of human energetic neuroses, predomi- nantly male, generating from a sense of human struggle occurring around him. The neuroses are a need for order and a need for dominance that have now crossed the line from natural to unnatural and unhealthy. This excessive alpha energetic vibration has spread like wildfire through the home, through Lila, and through Jasmine.

After completing my observations of Billy and Lila, I made the suggestion to begin introducing some quiet in the house, and to find a comfortable place for everyone to sit so we could get down to business. Clearly Jasmine made this appointment with every intention of not having her husband present. I see this a lot; most often in couples where one or the other (usually the non-dominant individual) requests to see me alone—on the sly so to speak. I make it a point to never question their decision or ask questions as to why they wanted to see me alone because I always discover the nature of the couple’s relationship as the session progresses. And frankly, it is none of my business.

It was my business, role, and purpose in my session with Jasmine, Billy, and Lila to identify and assist in the removal of the unnatural excess alpha energy within the humans and animals so that a healthy and more balanced energy within and among them can return to everyone living in the household. It is up to the individuals who were present in the session to then do the work for themselves, their family, and their dogs. What information Jasmine chooses to convey and reveal to her husband remained to be seen.

Yet, in this moment, it was Jasmine who had the courage, wherewithal, and great desire to become open to something bigger in order to help herself, her dogs, and her home. For that I commended her.

“I am proud of you for scheduling me here today.I know it was not easy to do.”

She smiled, looked down, and started to cry. We were ready to begin. It was a struggle, to say the least, trying to get both Lila and Billy to sit with us comfortably and quietly on the floor. Whenever I addressed Jasmine or Lila, Billy slowly but forcefully pushed between us or blocked my view. Billy energetically communicated to me that he especially knew my mission and he wasn’t exactly supportive of the change about to be instilled. He was not aggressive or out of control. Quite the opposite! He was precise, measured, and very controlled.

I noticed two crates in the kitchen that appeared to be in active use. Lila energetically communicated to me that she was often crated whenever Jasmine and her husband are not home, and on some days, just Lila was crated and not Billy. I asked Jasmine,

cage dog.jpg

“How are you keeping two very large dogs in crates all day?”

“Well,” she said, “my husband doesn’t trust Lila, primarily because she is prone to getting into mischief when we’re gone.”

“Exactly what happens when you don’t cage the dogs when you leave?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t really know because we have never left Lila out of her cage when we go. My husband just doesn’t want to chance it.”

I began getting down to business by focusing on Lila, who was being pushed away by Billy yet again. He domi- nated every inch of space that Lila tried to garner. I sternly communicated energetically to Billy and asked him for the space both Lila and I needed to accomplish the work that was to be done today—he acquiesced. I turned to Lila and looked into her eyes, and she was finally able to sit quietly next to me.

Since Billy was able to act on the energetic boundary I requested, it led me to believe that Billy had the potential to be the healthy alpha that was innate in him. At the same time, I understood that he also had the ability to discern the difference between natural leadership energy within the dog pack as opposed to taking on the human neuroses instigated by Jasmine’s husband.

I detected that it was almost a relief to Billy that he was shown a way to go back, even for a moment, to his organic state of being. This did not come easily or consistently, mind you! Billy’s alpha energy had been tarnished by Jasmine’s husband’s very strong human insecure need for control coupled with his underlying sense of fear–acquired traits that are completely unnatural for a true alpha.

With Lila and Billy quiet, I connected with both dogs to decipher their energy. In an interesting moment prior to this connection, Billy had energetically communicated to me that his alpha role occupied way too much of his time to the point where sometimes he acted outside his comfort zone as the alpha. Billy further communicated that he had taken too much power, and that Lila was literally drowning in it. It was clear to me that Lila had lost her identity and was desperately struggling to find her place within the home.

As I continued connecting with Lila and Billy, I sensed that Jasmine was getting very nervous as the dogs began releasing to me. When I asked if I could spend a few moments doing a little work on Lila before we went fur- ther, Jasmine sat back and reluctantly agreed. As I started to move energetically through Lila by lightly placing my hand on Lila’s head, Billy jumped up and flew over to me like a bat out of hell. “Leave her alone,” Billy energetically enforced as he pushed into me. Lila lowered her head and I felt this surge of emotion from her. She was trapped! While I was working on Lila, I could sense she was open to grow, expand, change, and move again with a natural course of energy. But with Billy’s enforcement, the open energy flow had been stopped and Lila could no longer move naturally.

The feeling that overcame me was that something had hold of her heart, her throat, and her soul. I felt very sick to my stomach and for a moment my head had pressure that literally stopped me in my tracks.

I looked up at Jasmine and said,

“The alpha energy is too strong and too dominating. Between Billy and your husband, you and Lila couldn’t possibly be living happily in this home. You are struggling to find your true path. Whenever you try to open up even slightly to find your purpose, you are stopped. The energy is so strong it has started to backfire on to you and Lila. Although you both seek alpha energy and could actually thrive from its direction, it has completely taken over. The weakest in the household are suffering tremendously, and both you and Lila are becoming very ill because of it....Jasmine, how often are you going to the doctor for one issue or another?”

I noticed I struck a chord in her. As Jasmine’s head dropped, so did Lila’s. Jasmine started to stiffen, and her energy switched dramatically. I went too deep too fast.

“You don’t have to answer that,” I said, “or speak about anything you don’t want to. If I am wrong, by all means stop me. You see, sometimes I pick up another’s energy through the dogs, and it may not be yours.”

Lila walked over to Jasmine, quietly leaned against Jasmine’s legs, and looked up at Jasmine with very soft eyes. Jas- mine lightly rubbed Lila’s head as tears rolled down Jasmine’s face.

“Yes,” Jasmine said,

“I have had many medical issues and feel like I am stuck in a world that isn’t exactly working for me.”

As Jasmine started to slowly open and become more outspoken, Billy sat up, walked over to her and Lila, and pushed Lila out of the way, appearing to remind both Jasmine and Lila of Lila’s place in the order of things.

Billy was very serious about ending this process. Not only was he acting on what seemed to be his job, but he energetically let me know he was quite aware of what was going on, as if a vow of silence had just been broken. I was clearly a threat to the hierarchical order in place in the household.

While Billy was imposing his will, the air in the house seemed a little colder. Something definitely didn’t want me there. When this occurs, I always try to take a new approach so that I can salvage the true purpose of the visit. We were not alone in the home. I sensed an attachment which plagued Jasmine. Almost like an “enforcer” attached to her that I sensed she had picked up a couple of years prior. This attachment functioned between both Jasmine and Lila, which I found very interesting.

An attachment is an energy or spirit that attaches to humans. Some people can have up to twenty different attachments, or some can have just one attachment with the force of twenty. The latter was the case here.

Jasmine and I sat in silence for a few moments. A very strong ego energy had taken over, was working against me, and attempting to push me out of the house. Within that silence, I decided to remove the attachment from and between Jasmine and Lila. As I was moving energy and asking the dark energetic presence to leave, I never uttered a word. I worked completely internally, never alerting the dogs and, most importantly, not alarming Jasmine. All of a sudden I saw the dark energy move out, adhering to my request.

Immediately, the overall energy in the room shifted. Even though we sat in a very uncomfortable silence, I reminded myself that I was there for a reason. I knew I was certainly not very popular in that room at that moment, but I was determined to prevail in helping this family. Plus, being the most unpopular in a room when working to take ownership is something I am used to. Believe me! Taking ownership is a very difficult message to deliver, and thus I am not everyone’s favorite.

With the change in energy, you could instantly tell Jasmine, Lila, and even Billy felt a lift. Jasmine’s eyes raised and looked at me with a softness, an openness.

“Do you think Lila feels that she needs freedom?” Jasmine asked.

I paused for a moment and quietly said,


I made it very clear. “Billy is an alpha. That is his natural leadership role. Your husband has a real need to harness control based on his insecurity, and to dominate the household, particularly you and Lila. That is his dominant role and his neurosis. This neurosis in turn has harnessed the two submissive female energies within the household—you and Lila. Your husband’s compelling need has energetically drenched Billy’s mind and is very powerful. But this kind of power is not clean because its core is gripped with your husband’s lack of self-worth. When this occurs, the dominant looks for any outside source to attach to in order to gain the control he or she needs. His struggle has reached such a high octane level energetically that it is fueling Billy in a very neurotic and unhealthy way. Your husband has corrupted an already dominant source in Billy, resulting in a disruption of the natural alpha energy that should be flowing through Billy and throughout the household, but is not.”

Jasmine sat and listened as her eyes dropped to the floor. The struggle within her was now up front and center. Jasmine started to take ownership and acknowledged,

“You know, nothing in this house is mine. I feel like a prisoner sometimes. If I stray from the standard protocol, order is enforced. I don’t know who I am anymore, what I want, or where I want to go in my life. It’s as if I am stuck in this bubble with no life force to breathe.”

“You are stuck in a bubble,” I agreed.

“The life force energy that once moved freely has now stopped to the point where no one is growing anymore, including you, Lila, Billy and your husband.”

It was time to focus again on Lila. “Let’s discuss Lila’s connection to you and this disruption,” I encouraged. “You are forcing Lila to be crated literally every moment you are not present. You haven’t tried to even slowly integrate her into the home, to socialize on her own with Billy, or make any free choices. In fact, you don’t even know what her general reaction would be if she were able to make some of her own decisions without anyone else involved. I, of course, am not telling you to let her run amuck. Yet, the energy circle in the home needs to be altered drastically.”

“How do I do that,” Jasmine asked, “because I’m not getting much support from Billy or my husband, and I feel as if I couldn’t even possibly find the means within me to do that!”

“One thing you need to know,” I said, “is that Lila came to you for a reason and vice versa. Lila has the same personality as you and somewhat the same history. It is karma for both you and Lila to travel with the issue of maintaining your own space within a healthy environment. You each struggle with a confidence issue, yours stemming from your mother. Each of you has been content to hold on to those issues for quite some time. That is, until now. And now, the test really begins.”

I continued.

“We come to certain times in our lives when change must occur to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn in a given lifetime. When the energy we have been working with starts to turn dark, it is no different than having a toothache that you ignore for a long time until you don’t feel it anymore. We convince ourselves that when the ache isn’t present, then we must not have an obstruction. Well, as you and I know, that is never the case.

Months, even years pass, and that toothache turns into a root canal, and if it’s not taken care of, the tooth will completely die. When you finally get around to handling it, you could lose the whole tooth because of your own neglect and denial. I use this example because it is one I know very well!”

Jasmine laughed and then said,

“Then I may need a few teeth pulled at this point!”

We both laughed. I made it clear that Lila must know how to function in a world where she has the freedom to move and make choices without being regulated every single moment. She didn’t want to be caged unnecessarily. I could see that unless the necessary changes were made and the house- hold energy became more balanced, Jasmine will continue to have health problems and Lila’s digestive system will start to shut down. Lila, Jasmine, and Billy needed to change their situation immediately before they became suffocated by their own energy. And because we didn’t have the husband present that day, we had to make those changes without him.

Ultimately, clearing an energetic disturbance when the source is not present at the time of the session, although more difficult, can still be successful if the indi- viduals who are there, and who are disrupted by it, stand up, take ownership, and say, “ I am ready to get my life and my dogs’ lives healthy now.” I knew that changing this dominant energy would open up energetic portals previously unavailable to them. I have found that one glimpse of light and a chance to take a clear new breath are very powerful and will always triumph over stagnant, controlled, dark energy.

I asked Jasmine to sit on the floor with me, Billy, and Lila. I began working on Billy first. I moved to Billy’s head and lightly put my hand on it. I worked immedi- ately to remove the energetic hold placed on Billy by his master and owner. Their energies were as intricately intertwined as I thought. In fact, as I quietly worked, Billy finally energetically revealed to me that he constantly waited for any vibration from Jasmine’s husband even when he wasn’t present.

Billy was so strongly connected to Jasmine’s husband that I sensed Billy could feel him throughout the day when he tightened up at work, got frustrated, or struggled with control—all of this ona very subliminal energetic level.

I knew that Billy wanted to be the alpha, but he had lost his lead. Although he loved Lila and Jasmine, he had lost the ability to appreciate or enjoy those loving moments with either of them. He was angry and that anger was not his own. Funny thing, Billy communicated to me that he had reached out to Jasmine energetically to help him find some clear direction, but she either didn’t pick up his energy or she didn’t want to listen.

I believe this was because Jasmine had anger toward both Billy and her husband, and unconsciously identified Billy’s actions as her husband’s. Jasmine had been repelled by Billy and could not look at Billy as the innocent bystander that he was. Therefore, Jas- mine’s only response to Billy, when Billy looked for some guidance from her,was that of resentment.

I continued to work on Billy with both hands to energetically move out the neuroses attached to him so he could return to a healthy alpha energy state. I discov- ered that Billy was willing to let go of some issues, and for others he was confused. Billy frantically moved his head to get my hands off of him. He knew exactly what

I was doing. Just as a human finds it difficult to let go of core issues they have carried for years or maybe even since birth, a dog that has been conditioned by and immersed in its human owner’s neuroses is also frightened to walk in any other light.

The more I worked on Billy, the more he let go. He closed his eyes, spread his legs out nice and long (not short and stiff), and let out a sigh, a release. For those moments, Billy had broken free from the human control and direction enforced upon him. When I finished with Billy, he started to take a little nap. He rested with a clear mind, probably for the first time in quite a while.

I came to the conclusion that Billy was a really good dog with wonderful intentions who truly loved both Lila and Jasmine. With Billy released, I finally had the chance to also move Lila and Jasmine into a healthy clear light. “Jasmine,” I said, “Lila is your mirror image. Moving for- ward, whenever you are not aware ofyour energetic con- nection to yourself or you feel thrown off, it will most notably reflect in Lila. It is very important for you to be aware of what it feels like, right in this moment, to be connected to yourself, Lila, Billy, and your home. Doing this daily, even for a few minutes, is essential to maintain- ing that connection and awareness. It is the key to all of this. If you are not increasingly aware at every moment of yourself, your environment, and what you project ener- getically, than none of this will work.

“Your brain is a very powerful source, one that can make or break your soul connection. If you focus your mind’s energy in a healthy way, and don’t hold on to ungrounded untruthful emotions, you won’t be thrown off track. Once you take ownership of your unhealthy core issues and work on removing the dark, static, negative energies generated by them, the real ‘mind surgery’ occurs.

Just as when you come home from the hospital after major medical surgery, you must take precaution in how you recover and heal from this removal process as well. In order not to return to an unhealthy state of mind, remember to be highly aware of being kind to yourself, and of caring for the way you heal. Once I leave, the work you do is imperative in order to nurture yourself and correctly move forward.”

Jasmine looked scared.

“Can I really do this without your instructing me? I feel nervous.”

I assured her that she had already made a tremendous contribution in getting us to this point.

“If you were not completely on board mentally and energetically to begin with,” I said, “I would have left a couple of hours ago because it would have meant you weren’t ready. That clearly wasn’t the case. You did this on your own, I only helped the process. You need to hold to this moment and the changes you so readily want. Our minds and the vibrations we create are all our own doing—you must always know that. How we let someone contribute to it or fuel what we created is our choice. Seeing and feeling light is wonderful. The problem is we are too often more comfortable with the darker energy even if it kills us!”

It was time to give Jasmine some instruction.

“For five minutes a day, I would like you to put yourself in a quiet space. It doesn’t matter whether you stand or sit; just close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and ask the Universe for balance, protection, and the ability to move forward with a clear aware mind. Actually see what you want. See your breath as a flow of sheer light; send that light to any place you may need it, and direct how and where you want to distribute it. Then ask to be grounded and rooted, and send energy from the Universe down through your body, down to your feet and into the earth. Once that happens, release the given energy back out through your crown chakra (the head), and return it to the Universe.

“Once you are done, I want you to say ‘Thank You!’ Thank you is so important. Being gracious in life is important, and it begins with you. It is pivotal to thank the Universe for the connection and protection you need in order to do your work to change your energy. Let it become a mantra. This mantra daily, along with clearing and moving your energy, will inevitably keep you aware, connected, and in tune. Then your outward vibration will slowly change all the energy around you. What you vibrate out will return to you to benefit your journey. Then Lila and Billy will have the strength and ability to grow into a healthy state within a healthy environment, and will wholeheartedly support the great change you are beginning to instill.”

Jasmine slowly petted Lila’s head, and then quietly, and right in front of me, without my even asking, went into the energetic connection mantra I had given her. I smiled as she closed her eyes and went into it. Lila’s tail started to wag. As Jasmine’s eyes were closed, I watched two of her guides stand beside her. Lila and I could see energy moving all over the place! I was pleased to say the least.

When Jasmine was done she said,

“How did I do? I feel really nice. Wow! That felt like such a short period of time. Can I go longer?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “I just didn’t want to overwhelm you because moderation is so important. Life is filled with extremes, and we can’t get much accomplished if we don’t at least find a happy medium. This filters out to every aspect of our lives, but it’s especially true when changing an energetic path. Do whatever feels right.”

At this point, we all stood up and I gave everyone a very big hug. As we started to walk out, I saw Lila run to the water bowl for a drink. Billy just hung out next to me and let Lila move unrestrained. Jasmine smiled. When we ended the session, Jasmine handed me a piece of cake she had baked earlier as a snack for my long ride home. The air in the home was different, light and reflective.

I felt comfortable leaving Jasmine, Lila, and Billy to continue on the road less traveled, on a journey that will open them up to a world in which they can live freely. An alpha energy had been restored to a healthier state. Jasmine had committed to take a leap of faith, and to give herself and her dogs a chance to feel the energetic circumference that encourages rather than hinders. They were beginning a journey that promised hope, balance, and a healthier energetic landscape. My hope was that this new journey would also include Jasmine’s husband. Again, that remained to be seen.

I thought it ironic that Jasmine was wearing yellow from head to toe. Without her knowledge, she was already in transition, looking for renewal and a higher psychic connection.

When I turned to get into my car, I glanced back at Jasmine standing in the doorway. She was radiating light.

That same light wrapped around Lila and Billy. It was beautiful and effervescent.

A new day had begun.


-Jocelyn Kessler

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