"Sometimes we are significantly scared to open up to change and we so often stray from seeing the whole circumference of energy that surrounds us"

As I wind up the narrow canyon road to Vinny’s house I notice the energy changing with every turn.  While I do my best not to channel energy until I get to the client I couldn’t help myself and, as I look for this little home tucked away along the mountainside, I can hear Vinny asking for help.  


This was not a regular client but a referral from a friend who asked me to please work with Vinny’s human companion, and I knew going in that Paul, Vinny’s Dad, was not fully aware of how my sessions move, and even though I suggested he read through my website and info carefully, I could feel this heavy cloud settled over me. I was walking into a very tender situation. The energy was completely blocked and Vinny was feeling, well…unhealthy! He was blocked energetically and physically, while trying to understand the energy of his mind—an energy that ceased to flow, an energy that Vinny does not understand, and one that significantly can change both their lives if ownership is taken and release is allowed.


I get out of the car and approach the front door.  I am insanely uncomfortable, my hands are sweating, I hear Vinny barking at the door and as the door swings open, Paul leads Vinny out to greet me.  An American Bulldog, Vinny is a big strapping boy who has some serious gumption!  I sit down on the steps to give him a big hug and I immediately hear him say that he is confused and not feeling himself.  Then I look down and see Vinny at four years old has not been neutered.  Hmm… What could’ve become a simple request to neuter Vinny has now taken a very different turn!


When we all decided to get quiet I feel an energy approach my left shoulder as we sit on the floor.  One of Vinny’s guides, which feels like an older dog, perhaps a lab, presenting himself at about age 15 or so, which for a lab is a nice long life. Yet I can feel almost a heavy panting in my left ear and say nothing to Paul or Vinny about it as his message was very clear…“Vinny’s neutering leads to a longer life and a more stable mind, which in turn opens Paul up to a world of love, fulfillment, and the opportunity for Vinny to have a female dog playmate and for Paul to finally have the love he has always wanted.” I hear this right out of the gate but I can feel Paul is not exactly comfortable with what is taking place and now I have to stroll into a territory I quite frankly don’t know how to translate!


As I rub my hands over Vinny’s back, heart and head the energy feels like someone is banging on a door to get out but no one is listening. Although Paul is a wonderful human companion for Vinny and loves him to the fullest, a neurosis within Paul has now bound Vinny.  I stare into Paul’s eyes as Vinny tells me he DOES NOT want to be bred and certainly does not want to be fully “intact” anymore! At this point I think the best way to approach this is to go headfirst and just be raw and candid as that is what Vinny wants and I must honor him. So I go balls to the wall (no pun intended) and I tell Paul what is really going on…


“Your energy is blocked from two different points, your mind and your heart.  Vinny is acting out for two different reasons, for one he seems to be urinating in the house right in front of you not just out of spite but also because his mind is fully static.  He needs to be neutered because he is getting too much testosterone and it is affecting his ability to play with other dogs, as well as his digestion, his coat and skin, his breath, his HEART and most importantly the energetic space he feels he no longer holds!  The energy that has been ignored is, in turn, connected to Paul who says he is open to neutering Vinny but he just didn’t think it bothered him so much… It does!  


Paul Vinny and I sat in quiet process and I tried to reconnect Paul to Vinny and Vinny to Paul. And as I was trying to release the block that is stopping the two from moving forward in a natural course, I finally feel Paul opening to Vinny and quietly letting go of the fear that holds them both back from opening up to the transformation that is waiting for them!


Sometimes we are significantly scared to open up to change and we so often stray from seeing the whole circumference of energy that surrounds us.  If we look bigger we are able to see within ourselves much easier… Funny how that works☺ As I say often and quite effortlessly, we MUST take ownership of what we radiate out, our animals just can’t handle it anymore! Those energetic neuroses that are continually unattended to can change the course of our journeys so significantly. The more unaware you are the more that blocked energy becomes stronger as it feeds and nibbles on all that fear being held. In turn your dog struggles to loosen the energetic bind to bring back to the moment, yet as much as they may try, some feel as they have just lost the battle to barrel through, to make connection in a healthy energetic light.  I see this daily and often, we need to stop being so perplexed about a larger spirit, energy, the connective tissue that binds us all and how important it is to understand one's energetic space and boundaries.


When the session was over, I gave a big hug to both Paul and Vinny.  As I close the car door, I sit for a moment as I do after every session.  I am not going to lie when I say I was puzzled… Did I speak too much, too little, did I offend? These very odd neuroses started to creep up.  Then I hear Vinny’s voice quietly tell me… Thank You.  I smiled and let out a long breath and sent my energy very directly back to Vinny, “ It was my sincere pleasure!”  Case in point how the energy of Vinny alone propelled me back into an unobstructed clear moment in a matter of seconds… This is why I love what I do.  Thank you Vinny!